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Switch Eyewear

Switch Eyewear The world’s first eyewear with a Magnetic Interchange Lens System™ - for unparalleled convenience, speed and ease of use: an idea born of necessity. The inventors of Switch demanded better sunwear options. Traditional fixed lens sunglasses work well in some light conditions, but not others. Mechanical interchange lens systems are clumsy and can…
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Rec Spec

Rec Specs Eyewear Rec Specs has been the leader in the growing national movement promoting eye safety during scholastic and recreational sports. Introduced in 1978 as the first Rx-able protective sports eyewear, today over 20,000 eyecare professionals in the USA and the world, rely on Rec Specs when it comes to providing the best possible…
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Liberty Sport

Liberty Sports Eyewear Not all eyewear is protective eyewear. Remember, sunglasses block light-not elbows and opjects. Liberty Sport frames and lenses are specifically designed to protect against impact and tested to meet or exceed the strictest ASTM F803 standards. And they'll handle any prescription.
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