Zeiss Progressive Lenses

ZEISS progressive lenses

ZEISS provides a broad spectrum of progressive lenses for better vision. From endless-frame and easy-to-handle options with high visual performance to optimally individualised solutions.

At around the age of 40 when the accommodative power of the eyes noticeably decreases, most people start to have difficulty focusing at close range. A higher dioptric power "in the plus direction" is required to remedy this problem. Single vision lenses can no longer be used for the entire range of vision from far to near.
Bifocal lenses provide clear vision of objects in the distance and near ranges, but everything inbetween is blurred. Unlike bifocals, progressive lenses provide presbyopic patients with clear vision from distance to near, i. e. also at every intermediate distance.

At first sight, progressives look exactly like single vision lenses due to the absence of dividing lines.

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