Proclear Contact Lenses

Many 1 day lenses can be comfortable when you first put them in, but the real test is how they feel at the end of the day.

Proclear 1 day lenses are the only daily disposable contact lenses made with PC Technology ™ – using Phosphorylcholine (PC), a unique material that naturally attracts water and keeps lenses feeling fresh and hydrated all day.

In fact, Proclear lenses are the only contacts cleared by U.S. FDA for the claim, “may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.”

Proclear 1 day lenses have a superior aspheric optic design that is specifically adjusted for each power; so no matter what your prescription, your vision is refined for optimal sharpness.

And if you’re having trouble reading up close but don’t want to resort to bifocals, Proclear 1 day multifocal lenses will allow you to see near, far and everywhere in between.

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